The Wise Princess. The Paintings of Saint Catherine from La Seu d’Urgell.

Ed. Museu Episcopal de Vic and Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, 2009. Exhibition catalog.

Authors: Michele Bacci, Manuel Castiñeiras, Carles Gascón Chopo, Cristina Giannini, Mireia Mestre, and Judit Verdaguer. Year: 2009 Pages: 138 Size: 21 x 29,8 Language: catalan and spanish Editor: Museu Episcopal de Vic / Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. ISBN: 978-84-8043-312-2 The exceptional reuniting of a group of dispersed mural paintings from the middle of the 13th century, which once decorated one of the chapels in the cathedral of La Seu d’Urgell, has allowed various specialists to gain in-depth knowledge of the work in all its complexity: the introduction of the iconography and the worship of Saint Catherine to the West, the relationship of the paintings with the anti-Cathar conflict in the time of the bishop of Urgell, Ponç de Vilamur (1230-1257), the important moment of stylistic transition between Romanesque and Gothic to which they bear witness, their peculiar painting technique and the history of their removal and dispersion. Exhibition 20 March to 5 July 2010.

The environment of the santa Caterina St. Catherine of Seu d'Urgell: another example of Romanesque mural dispersion Judit Verdaguer Serrat Santa Caterina newfound: the program of the cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell and its context Manuel Castiñeiras The turbulent years of Seu d'Urgell: Count of Foix, viscount of Castellbò and the Cathars Carles Gascón Chopo Places of Memory of Catherine of Alexandria Michele Bacci The technique of the extirpation Technical executive and restore the whole wall of the chapel of St. Catherine de La Seu d'Urgell Mireia Mestre Arturo Cividini a estrattista-restorer in Catalonia Cristina Giannini Cataloging of the works exhibited Chapel of Saint Catherine in the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell: Dispute and arrest of Saint Catherine Manuel Castiñeiras Chapel of Saint Catherine in the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell: Martyrdom of Saint Catherine Montserrat Pagès Chapel of Saint Catherine in the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell: Supper Montserrat Pagès Brief of the hurts given by the count of Foyx and bescomte of Castellbó to Urgell's church Joan Duran-Porta