Set of liturgical vestments of Canon Bernat Despujol

Textiles and clothing


15th century (braiding 15th and 17th C.)

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Set of liturgical vestments of Canon Bernat Despujol: chasuble, dalmatics, stoles, maniples and overcollars of dalmatics. The set is a suit of liturgical vestments set aside for the major ceremonies and made with the same fabrics or embroidery, and is made up of various pieces: the chasuble, worn by the celebrant at Mass; the cope, worn by the celebrant in processions and blessings, the dalmatics, that were once worn under the cope or the chasuble, and which later were worn by the two deacons with the collars; the stoles, worn by the celebrant under the chasuble or under the cope, and the maniples, worn by the celebrant and the deacons on their arms. It may have just these pieces or be enlarged to include the humeral, which covers the shoulders and the hands of the celebrant at adoration ceremonies; the altar frontal, which covers the front of the altar, the lectern cloth, used to cover the lectern; the gremial, worn by deacons in procession, and the pulpit cloth, which covers the pulpit.

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Room15 ,Floor1

9-10-11 Gothic Art

12-13-14 Renaissance

15-16 Textiles and Clothing

17 Glass

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Valencia (?) (fabrics and braiding); Catalonia (embroidery)


15th century (braiding 15th and 17th C.)


Fabric: cut velvet, red silk mainwarp and pile warp, and red silk weft; Embroidery: linen tabby, polychrome silks, gold andsilver thread, small plates and gold sequins; Braiding: silk and gold thread



From Vic Cathedral (Osona)


MEV 1431, 1435, 1436