Pontifical ornaments of Saint Bernat Calbó, Bishop of Vic (1233-1243)

Textiles and clothing


From the first half of the 12th to the 18th century

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Saint Bernat Calbó, Bishop of Vic (1233-1243) was buried in the Cathedral with the pontifical ornaments. Of them there only remains a strip of parament from the alb, in Andalusian silk, with a Naskhi inscription; a fragment of the stole; of the dalmatic and fragments of the ‘Cloth of Gilgamesh' or ‘of the Lion Strangler' and the ‘Cloth of the Sphinxes', without us knowing which fragments are from one piece or the other. The chasuble was made with the ‘Cloth of the Eagles'. It would seem that all these fabrics were given by James I to the bishop, who accompanied the king on the conquest of Valencia in 1238 and, although they were already old then, given their great value they were used to make his pontifical ornaments. The mitre is very badly damaged. In 1362 the original mitre was removed and another one was placed there, and also incorporated was an embroidered amice along with an alb with its cincture when the coffin was placed inside an alabaster tomb. In 1694 the remains of Saint Bernat were placed in another coffin, and we suppose that the caligas and the Baroque mitre were placed there then. In 1728 the body was moved from the Gothic tomb to one of silver. It is presumed that at that time the caligas were removed, which went to the monastery of Santes Creus, where the saint had been abbot. On December 19th 1888 the tomb was opened and the old vestments and the other utensils considered to be relics were removed.

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From the first half of the 12th to the 18th century




From the tomb of Saint Bernat Calbó, Vic Cathedral (Osona)


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