Mural paintings from the apse of Sant Martí Sescorts


Master of Cardona

First quarter of the 12th century

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The mural paintings from the atrium of the church of Sant Vicenç in Cardona, those from Sant Salvador in Polinyà (in the Museu Diocesà de Barcelona) and those from Santa Maria in Barberà, have all been related stylistically to the author of these mural paintings from the apse of Sant Martí Sescorts, known by the name of the Master of Cardona. The Museu Episcopal de Vic currently conserves five fragments of the mural paintings from this apse which, due to their fragmentation, have made it impossible to reconstruct the shape of the whole apse in the galleries, as is the case with those from El Brull or Osormort. In the Romanesque permanent exhibition room the two most important and best-conserved fragments are exhibited: 'Adam and Eve Rebuked by God', of whom we can see only his hand, and the 'Expulsion from Paradise'. The three other smaller fragments with scenes of Saint Martin sharing his cloak with the poor man, the resurrection of the catechumen who had died before being baptised and a fragment with curtains with a figure are exhibited in the Museum study galleries. Even though it is known that the church of Sant Martí was consecrated in 1068, these mural paintings are from the first quarter of the 12th century.

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First quarter of the 12th century


Tempera on plaster, transferred to canvas


238 x 98.5 cm (God Rebuking Adam and Eve); 238 x 173 cm (The Expulsion from Paradise)


From the church of Sant Martí Sescorts, L'Esquirol (Osona)


MEV 9701