Mural paintings from the apse of Sant Martí in El Brull


Master of Osormort

Second quarter of the 12th century

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Just as in the case of Sant Sadurní in Osormort, the new museographical presentation has for the first time made it possible to exhibit all the fragments of the mural paintings from the apse of this church. The person who did these paintings, known by the name of the Master of Osormort seeing as he was also the author of the paintings from the apse of that church, most probably had his workshop in the city of Vic, near the Cathedral. The ceiling of the apse was centred upon the figure of the Pantocrator surrounded by the Tetramorph, of which much of the large figure of Christ and fragments of the eagle of Saint John and the ox of Saint Luke have been preserved. Below the ceiling there are scenes from the cycle of the childhood of Christ: the Nativity, the Annunciation to the Shepherds, the Epiphany and the Presentation in the Temple. In the five lower niches there are scenes depicted from the Book of Genesis with the cycle of the creation of man and the original sin. The scenes shown are: the creation of Adam and Eve, the original sin, the expulsion from paradise, the giving of clothes to cover the nakedness of the body, and Adam and Eve working. Despite the fact that the church of Sant Martí in El Brull was consecrated in 1062, these mural paintings are from the second quarter of the 12th century.

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4 Romanesque Art

5-6-7-8 Gothic Art

Detalls de l’obra


Vic workshops


Second quarter of the 12th century


Tempera on plaster, transferred to canvas


786 x 479 x 243 cm


From the church of Sant Martí in El Brull (Osona)


MEV 9699