Altar Frontal from Sant Llorenç Dosmunts




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This frontal is centered by the image of the Maiestas Domini within a mandorla imitating goldsmithery works, surrounded by the Tetramorphos. Despite the losses, the rest of the surface clearly represents the story od Saint Laurent, a martyr of the 3rd Century, in four scenes to be read counterclockwise. In the upper left scene, pope Sixtus, dressed in episcopal ornaments, entrustes goods to the deacon Laurent to be distributed among the poor. Beside, Laurent heals Ciriaca from illness by laying his hansd on her head. Below, the saint washes the feet of some poor and heals the blindness of Crescentius. On the other side, Laurent declares before the prefect Decius and, already imprisoned, baptises Lucil; over it, in the last scene, there is the martyrdom of the saint, roasted on a grill. According to the legend, Laurent said to Decius: «you miserable, you have already roasted one side; now turn it and eat». These words in latin appear on the frontal, painted over the figure of the martyrised saint. The decoration of the frame, in the shape of a net with swasticas, is fragmentarily preserved. From a little parish church in the diocesis of Vic, we can suppose that this frontal was produced in the episcopal city. With the other pieces associated to the Vic workshop it shares specially the treatment of the clothing, with many pleates disposed with an evident decorative will, as in the frontals from El Coll (MEV 3) or Vilaseca (MEV 5). Its desing -somewhat simpler- and the background colours (particularly yellow and red) allow comparisons with the frontal from Sagàs (MEV 1615), as well as the profusion of texts -the names of all figures- and specially the panel with the saint's mock, have originated the proposal of references to the painters in the nave of the church of Sant Climent de Taüll (ca. 1123).

Marc Sureda Jubany

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4 Romanesque Art

5-6-7-8 Gothic Art

Detalls de l’obra


Vic workshops




Tempera on poplar


89 x 138 x 5 cm


From the church of Sant Llorenç Dosmunts. Rupit i Pruit (Osona)