Host mould

Forge work

P. Gili (?)

14th century

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A host mould made up of a rectangular plate that contains two shapes the same size engraved in negative, inside which are the monograms “DHS” and “IHS”, surrounded by volutes, stars and crosses. One of the arms contains the inscription “p.: gili :ff: dabi [or daui]: m[e feu]” plus an unidentified symbol. P. Gili has been considered the blacksmith who forged the moulds, although the person's true identity is still doubtful. Other pieces signed by P. Gili have been conserved in the Museu Diocesà de Lleida (MDLL 1307) and the Museu Diocesà de Tarragona (MDT 4795 and 2087), all featuring a similar design that originated in a seriated production system. The Museu Episcopal de Vic conserves a host mould from Vilamur (Pallars Sobirà) (MEV 8436), attributable to the workshop of Sans Areny, active in the Lleida Pyrenees in the mid-14th century, by whom signed pieces are conserved in the Museu Diocesà de Lleida (MDLL 1301 and 1305). Host moulds were moulds used to make the Sacred Host with.

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Detalls de l’obra


Place of execution unknown


14th century


Iron stamped with a mould


66 cm (size of plates: 6.5 x 12.6 cm)


From Sant Pere in Castanyell (Osona)


MEV 8096