Access to the exhibition halls, services and activities on offer at the Episcopal Museum of Vic is open to everyone. All access points are free from architectural barriers and visitors may pass unhindered through the halls. We provide ramps, services adapted for use by the disabled, and have a reception desk suitable for wheelchair users, a wheelchair for use by visitors and lifts.

Activities adapted for the visually impaired

– We offer descriptive visits for people with visual disabilities.
– The museum visit involves handling objects and narration.
– We facilitate the transcription of this programme in Braille and in texts with large-size print in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.
– We have information about a Romanesque relief and a Gothic sculpture available in Braille. These items have been selected as they can be appreciated in a tactile manner. The information is available in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.
– Seeing-eye dogs allowed.

Service of interpretation in the sign language

The Museum offers visits in the sign language, previous booking

Tailor-made visits

Contact us and let us know what you want to find out about and how you would like to make your visit. We’ll do our best to attend to your needs.

Activities adapted for people with mental disabilities

We organise visits tailored to the needs of groups of visitors with learning difficulties. In these activities the exhibits are explained through the use of expressive activities and games. We adapt this service to the specific needs of each group.

The Museum is part of the "Culture and Alzheimer's" program promoted by the Vic City Council, the UVic-UCC and the CCCB, which contributes to the social patricipation of people with dementia facilitating their access to culture

Activities adapted for school groups

Please contact us if you wish to take part in activities and visits, or if any specific group requirement needs to be dealt with

Adapted parking
Access to the old town is restricted for vehicles. Peolpe with reduced mobility who have to access the area can facilitate their number plate to the Museum. The closest adapted parking for people with reduced mobility is located in C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret